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Tip on Words to Train Your Dog

Tip on Words to Train Your Dog

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I am not an "expert", but I have a way in which to train your dog. I found that over the years, people with their fur kids spend a lot of time training them with the commands that everyone else seem to use, I call it the universal commands, (sit, heal, stay etc,).

My way I feel is more effective if you only want your dog to respond to you. When you want the dog to sit, simply use other words for the command that you would not usually hear, such as (sit- procedure, stay, wait, etc,). Of course everyone should think of their own words. In this way other people can never hand feed your dogs, I knew people who had their very expensive breeding dogs poisoned because the neighbors didn't like their barking, so they fed them meat with poison. In giving them your words only, the dog will only respond to those words. Anyone can use the words, as long as they know them. It's a safe guard against non-dog lovers. We all know dogs will go to anyone who gives them food, I talk to my dogs like they were people, not baby talk, just plain old English, you will find they end up being more human ad is accepted by the public more.

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