Dog bites another dog

Dog bites another dog

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Dog bites another dog, again and again

We all know that people, like dogs, tend to bite when they are threatened or attacked. This is a normal response, not a sign of aggression, just a fear reaction.

As well, just like dogs, people don't get out of the habit of biting when they see an attack taking place, they might react naturally.

For dogs, the instinct to attack an intruder is so powerful that they do not even realise they are biting. So even though people do bite during an attack, they tend to think they are acting correctly by protecting themselves from danger.

People, just like dogs, can learn that attacking is not a good idea, but that it is better to run away and to alert the authorities to the danger.

People who attack dogs or other people, like a person that attacks another person, are not acting in an acceptable way.

It's sad that there are people who have no other way of expressing their anger and aggression than attacking animals and people.

Dogs and cats are much more than that - they are family and friends. People should be taught how to treat dogs and cats as well as they treat their family and friends.

They should be taught how to be compassionate and considerate towards animals and people, instead of attacking them.

Most people, if they think about it, don't want to be involved in an attack situation.

It doesn't make a good first impression to have a reputation as a person who attacks and maims and kills animals and people.

If people learn to be kinder and more considerate to animals, then there will be fewer attacks by the same people, because they will no longer have to behave like that to get their point across.

People should learn to respect and value other people and their animals, instead of attacking them.

Dogs and cats are family and friends and they have feelings just like us. We should learn to respect them, like we respect our family and friends.

They are family and friends.

It's not nice to treat a dog or a cat like that.

If someone sees an animal being treated like that, they should inform the RSPCA.

If you do attack someone you don't like, it doesn't make you any better.

It makes you worse, and worse than your friends and family would be if they knew you had attacked someone and how.

It's important that we all try to be kinder and more considerate towards animals and people, so they know they are valued.


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I was going to do my usual comment that I've made several times on this subject but thought I'd do a bit of research first.

I have heard several sources say that this is not a dog bite, but it's not a dog, just a cat - well, as far as I can find out, a cat. It was reported on BBC news, as far as I could see - I don't know if they have more info.

The BBC news report says: "The woman who was attacked had to have her left hand amputated and her face reconstructed."

A Cat bites a Dog, again and again

I read several people, but only found this. It also appears to be about a cat biting a dog.

In many places, cat owners will be aware that a cat bite can be a dangerous one.

The risk of rabies is very low, but that doesn't mean you should take risks with your cat's health and safety.

It's good to keep your cat vaccinated, but you shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security.

Just as you should treat your cat as if he has a dangerous health condition and should keep it under control, so you should treat your dog with the same vigilance and care.

If you own a dog, you have a responsibility to keep it safe, both from itself, and other animals.

The risk of rabies to your dog is so low that if he is vaccinated for it, you might be able to say "that's enough".

However, it's important to be careful.

You shouldn't take a risk, especially if your dog is on a lead.

If you don't feel it's safe for your dog to be walking on the road, or if your dog is very young, the first thing you should do is to get hold of a dog lead.

It's important to be safe, especially if your dog is a puppy, or very young.

It might seem sensible to let your dog off the lead on a quiet road, but your dog could be attacked and injured by another dog that's walking behind you on the road.

It's better to be safe than sorry, and to keep your dog safe from another dog, and any other animals as well.

If you are going to be on the lead, make sure you have your dog on the lead at all times.

If you think your dog is going to attack, the best thing to do is to get away from it as soon as possible, and run.

It's better to run away, rather than to stand your ground, even if it's to protect your dog, or if your dog is a bit younger and smaller than the other dog.

Even though you're going to run, and away from the attack, it's important to let your dog off the lead

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