Dog pound movie cast

Dog pound movie cast

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Dog pound movie cast members

The dog pound is an American reality television show featuring animals that have been confiscated by animal control officers or brought to the pound after being arrested for minor offenses.

Series overview


The show began as a documentary, Dog Pound U (2004–2005). After the cancellation of Dog Pound U, the show aired as the spinoff Dog Pound (2006–2007), a series produced by the Animal Planet network. It followed the dogs in the pound (from which they are confiscated) and focused more on the rehabilitation of the animals rather than how they were treated by animal control.

On September 10, 2008, Animal Planet announced that the show was being retooled into a series, and would be re-titled Dog Town. The season-1 trailer, narrated by series star Dolly Parton, was released on September 17, 2008, while the first season premiered on October 1, 2008. After the success of the first season, Dog Town USA aired seasons 2 and 3, and Dog Town With Ryan Seacrest began airing on March 4, 2009. The second season of Dog Town USA premiered on February 5, 2009, while the third season of Dog Town USA premiered on March 2, 2010. The fourth season of Dog Town USA premiered on March 4, 2010. The fifth season of Dog Town USA premiered on April 1, 2011. In September 2011, the American Humane Association named Dog Town USA as an Outstanding Youth Media Program.

On November 23, 2013, Animal Planet ordered a 13th and 14th season of the series, which premiered on June 11, 2014 and July 9, 2014 respectively. On December 2, 2014, Animal Planet ordered a 15th season of the series. The show has been nominated for six Golden Collar Awards and won one, for Best Series, in 2013.


Season 1 (2008)

Season 2 (2009–10)

Season 3 (2010–11)

Season 4 (2011–12)

Season 5 (2012–13)

Season 6 (2013–14)

Season 7 (2014–15)

Season 8 (2015–16)

Season 9 (2016–17)

Season 10 (2017–18)

Season 11 (2018–19)

Season 12 (2019–20)

Season 13 (2020–21)

Season 14 (2020-21)

Season 15 (2021-22)




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