Can i get giardia from my dog

Can i get giardia from my dog

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Can i get giardia from my dog?


It’s been a long time since we’ve posted this, but in response to your question, a dog can definitely be a carrier of Giardia.

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If you want to understand how this happens and the implications of it, I’d recommend reading up on the various zoonotic outbreaks.


Dogs and cats do carry Giardia but it does have symptoms. If you have watery diarrhea, that is not Giardia. Giardia can only occur in humans and is not transmittable through either a cat or dog.

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I've had both dogs and cats infected with Giardia, without being sick. In addition to the symptoms you listed, dogs typically have a more severe reaction.

Dogs can get Giardia from both dogs and cats. Giardia infection in dogs is often associated with the ingestion of Giardia cysts from cats, which are passed in the feces. Giardia can also infect healthy dogs when they eat feces from other dogs, or are forced to eat human feces, since Giardia does not require another host to complete its life cycle.

Other than being infected, Giardia will not make a sick dog.


Dogs can be infected with Giardia by ingesting feces from other dogs. It is a parasite in the cysts.

As long as the cysts remn in the feces, they are not infectious. The parasite will remn in the dog’s intestinal tract until the feces is eliminated. Then it can be ingested by another dog. The cysts do not make the dog ill or affect its health in any way.

Feces from a Giardia infected animal will show signs of Giardia cysts. It is the presence of the cysts that is infectious. The dogs are not infected, only the feces are infectious. The cysts are not actually inside of the dog. They are suspended in the feces.

If a dog has a Giardia infection, the dog will look for another dog to play with. It will follow a trl of feces from another dog, but will not actually come into contact with the feces. Dog feces are covered in a sticky substance and contn many cysts of Giardia. The dog will want to play with the feces and lick it because the substance is appetizing to dogs. If it bites the feces, the dog can ingest the cysts, and the feces will not look like it did before the dog was sick.

Most infected dogs are carriers.


"Giardia is a pathogen that produces small cysts that can be spread through contaminated feces."

-Giardia in Dogs

Giardia infection in dogs (giardiasis) is commonly seen in dogs that have loose stools and/or diarrhea. It is usually not fatal, but dogs with symptoms may not be able to eat, so they will slowly lose weight. It can also damage the small intestine, so it will not absorb nutrients. I don't know if this will happen in a dog whose food intake is temporarily restricted.

So I don't think you can make a distinction based on that if a dog has Giardia or not.


I would say they do not get Giardia.

A dog has GIARDIA in its small intestine


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