All about dogs hylands park

All about dogs hylands park

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All about dogs hylands park

When you come to our kennels we try our hardest to create an atmosphere where our dogs feel loved and welcome.

Our dogs are not only cared for and looked after, they are also part of the Henshy Family.

We’re here to help. So we have answers, we have advice, we can take you for walks and help you identify your problem. And when the situation is dire, we can provide emergency transport and we can also help you with finding a dog foster home or the right pet carer.

We can provide a list of dog fostering organisations in your area, who will happily assist you with a placement. If you’re looking to find a foster home we have an online search tool that will help.

Henshy Haven kennels is a non-profit animal rescue organisation that provides a foster home for rescued dogs. We have a strict no-kill policy, so if you can’t take in your current dog, we’ll find someone who can.

We’re a small non-profit kennel providing a home to a small number of dogs who are either wting for fosters to be found or are currently in foster care. All of our dogs receive a good long or short term medical check, and are put on anti-bacterial and anti-parasite medication where needed, then they are given a ‘kennel cough’ vaccine. Then they are given a diet suitable for their age and weight.

Henshy Haven is based on the South Coast of New South Wales and in-house kennel staff, volunteers, and fosters come from all over the southern hemisphere. We run a busy rehoming programme where we try and rehome as many dogs as we can each week.

Dogs are generally fostered for a maximum of 12 months, during this time they will receive a socialisation course, and a series of obedience commands. Dogs are also desexed at this time and, if necessary, we are happy to pay for a hip or knee surgery. We are also able to offer a rehome subsidy of $10 per month (approx. $120 per year) for a further 12 months. We understand that if you can’t commit to this, you don’t need to be the responsible owner.

All of our dogs receive a veterinary check-up as well as a dental and flea treatment. This includes their first vaccination – the rabies shot. Our staff also undertake the usual kennel cough vaccination and worm treatment, as well as giving dogs a course of de-worming.

Henshy Haven also provide a range of trning classes – a dog re-homing course for potential owners, and a range of obedience classes and agility trning.

All of our dogs get the same level of care we would expect our own family pet to receive, no matter who you are. We do not offer a food allowance, unless it is a special feeding programme. We also take dogs to daycare when you can’t be there. If your dog or hens are not comfortable around dogs, we have staff trned in pet-friendly education to help you understand this. If you’re unable to commit to dly feeding, or you’re not able to be there, we will help you out in the long-term.

We also provide in-home visits so that you can see your dog for any medical or behavioural problems we identify. We encourage you to speak with our experienced rehome staff before you commit, if you need a different placement for your dog or you have any concerns.

How are you different?

We’ve got the most stunning and well-cared-for dogs on the East Coast, a huge amount of them rescues, and only two kennels. Our dogs have been through a few home changes before they come to us – we do not provide homes for the first two weeks of their stay. While they’re staying with us, we will keep in contact with you for at least the first 10 days and we’ll look forward to meeting you when you arrive. We’re very good at explning what it’s like to be in our care so that you can make an informed decision about your new dog. We treat each dog and their family with a lot of care, which may not be something you’re used to, but it’s a very important part of the home.

Why should you choose us?

We know that sometimes people look for a bit of extra attention and care for their new dogs, and that’s what we do. You can give us the responsibility of caring for your dog for some of their early days in a new home. The rest of the time you can take your dog for a walk and play with them at home.

We love dogs! We don’t treat our dogs with extra or differently from any of the others in our care.

We have a home that is very safe and secure. We have three staff, two of whom work with children so we can have some of our dogs on the house property.

And finally, the best decision you can make?

Think carefully about where you’re going to keep your dog before you bring them home. Make sure you know what the limitations are on your property, like if you have a fence or not, or how long it’s likely to be before you can let them off the lead. You may need to consider what the area is like – our dogs don’t like tall grass.

Make sure you are comfortable and that you’ve made the right choice for you and your dog.

What would I do without my dog?

If you don’t have a dog now, or have just adopted a new one, why not give us a call and have a chat about what you could get them into? You can find us on Facebook at

A couple of things to think about

Choosing a breeder is a big commitment, so you need to be sure that you are going to be happy for a long time.

If you choose to wt a few weeks, you might find that some of the dogs have been rehomed and you may get the chance to choose from a fresher batch.

When you get to the breeder, make sure that you do look around at the dogs you’ve come to see and don’t just go strght to the dog that you think will be the one. You need to get a good impression of the breed you want.

Our dogs, like everyone, have individual personalities – the way they react to people, toys, toys, other dogs, other dogs, children and adults can all be different. You need to get a feeling for the way they react to you. Do they go to you, or do they stay at a distance and then come to you when you come near them?

Some dogs just don’t like strangers, others like children or people in authority. And some just need to be on the lead and then they’ll come to you and stay. You need to know what to expect.

Make sure you get a feel for the size of the breeding stock. You need to have a good idea of what’s involved in having a dog in the family.

Take home time

You can get to know your dog in the home they’ve been in for a couple of weeks.

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