Dog friendly apple picking near me

Dog friendly apple picking near me

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Dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall

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We have a very large orchard here, and one of the reasons we have such a huge number of trees is that we have no dogs allowed. The ones who are allowed to come visit the orchard have to be on a leash of some kind or in a harness.

We did start to get some complaints about how much time it took to get our dogs out of the car and to walk to the orchard, and the "no dogs" rule just got more and more unenforced over time. Now we're in the process of allowing some dogs who have been with us for awhile.

But it still takes about half an hour to get our 2 large dogs and 2 small dogs (including two very energetic husky mixes) out of the car. The car stays parked, and they have to be out the entire time we're there.

Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone had any success getting around the "no dogs" rule?

Re: dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall

There are a lot of options to consider to avoid the problem. First of all, you can only have so many visitors allowed at any given time. But then it depends on where your orchard is located. If you have trees closer to a home or business (the ones who's owners don't want you to have dogs there) then you have fewer visitors at once. And that will solve your problem. I would also recommend that you make sure to be at your orchard every few hours or so because you don't want anyone there who doesn't follow the rules. If you have trees closer to the road, then you need to have more visitors and be more flexible about rules.

Re: dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall

I don't like the idea of having to keep our dogs on a leash when they're inside. We have 4 kids, and one dog is already a handful as it is. I'd like to keep our visits to the orchard as stress-free as possible.

There are a few orchards around here that are pretty dog friendly. The owners seem to be pretty lenient and don't enforce any of the rules. I think the owner of that particular orchard is pretty strict, so it's a matter of finding the right orchard for you.

Re: dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall

Thanks for the suggestions! I think we'll have to look into them. We'll need to find one of those orchards because we'd like to visit a couple of times a week when the apples are ready. And it's probably going to be too early in the season for them to be close to home.

Re: dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall


I work at an orchard where we have a few dog friendly hours. Our dogs are allowed on a leash or harness in the field. I will say that it may take us longer to do this then most places, because of the dogs. We have about 2 acres of trees.

I understand your concern, and while it's not always an easy task, it's one we enjoy. It's nice to be able to share a great family time with your loved one's, and not worry about the dog.

Re: dog friendly apple picking near me in the fall

We have 2 acres, about 75 trees, and only about 20 of them are dog friendly (at any time of year, and in that order). We don't have too much of a problem with the dogs, as there are usually only about 6 or 8 of them (they are quite small dogs). It would be easy enough to just let them go when they see a treat, but I know my wife and I both like having the dogs with us during our visits. The kids and the dogs usually have a great time, but if someone is going to complain, then we'll make sure to keep the dogs in the car

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