Kurdish kangal dog for sale in usa

Kurdish kangal dog for sale in usa

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Kurdish kangal dog for sale in usa

Kurdish kangal dog for sale in usa

Kurdish Kangal Dog. This is a photo of a Kurdish Kangal Dog in our kennels. Kurdish Kangal Dogs are very rare to find, but we have one who was bred from a cross of Kangal and Turkish Kangal Dogs. She is only the 5th female Kurdish Kangal in the world and the first in the United States. This Kurdish Kangal, which is currently pregnant, will breed, and all of her offspring will be sold as pets and/or breeding stock. Contact us if you are interested.

In the middle of this small village of kangal dogs sits two very interesting kangal dogs. From a distance, one may mistake them for wolves. Yet, if you close your eyes and look carefully you can see the kangal dogs have a very similar temperament to their Turkish cousins. This is a rare and wonderful dog, they are one of the most loyal, caring, and friendly of the world’s canines. These dogs love playing, digging and exploring! For further info on the kangal please contact us at 703-878-3466 or visit our website at:

Kangal (also kangli, kangli) is a type of medium-sized dog breed that originates from Eastern Anatolia in Turkey.

Kangal are recognized by the FCI, which includes them in Group 4 (FCI groups 2-3 and 3-9, respectively). Kangal are also recognized by the American Kennel Club. There are both short-hred and long-hred varieties, with the coat being double-coated in the long-hred variety.

The two varieties are called the Kâdîk and the Kur. Among different dog breeder organizations, there is some disagreement as to whether to count kangal dogs as belonging in FCI Group 3, as "traditional and natural dog of Turk" or as part of FCI Group 4 as "real kangals". Because kangal dogs were bred to be guard dogs, a kangal's temperament tends to be more "aggressive" in nature than most dog breeds of similar size.

The dogs are most well known for their guarding their flock. Some of these are kept as working dogs for the Turkish army, others serve as pets. They have also found homes as watch dogs. Due to their temperament and hunting instincts, they are also known to be good retrievers. These dogs are most common in eastern Anatolia in Turkey, and around the eastern rim of Syria.

There are about 5,000 kangal dogs left in the world, with about 5,000 Turkish kangal dogs in Turkey. The kangal dog also known as tatar dog or kangli which is also sometimes called kadıköy (which means kangal dog) as well as Tatar kangal dog or kangal kudur in Turkish which is also sometimes called tomar kangal dog in Turkey.


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