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A world ruled by cats manga rocker

The world ruled by cats (Manga Tshō) is an anthology comic book written and drawn by Hiroaki Samura, originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump.



The story centers on the mysterious cat-girl Shira, who is on a quest to defeat an evil wizard who seeks to rule the world. Along the way she faces her opponents, ranging from evil cats to humans, to discover her true heritage and become the leader of the world ruled by cats.

The story begins as the first cat, named Shira-chan (ひらむ, Shira-chan), has just awoken in the world, where she meets three cats named Uchu-chan, Hachiman and Shinshu-chan (who is the fourth cat). Shira-chan, who is the youngest, is the leader of the group, and they tell her that they are the guardians of cats all over the world. They tell her that in the past, cats had been persecuted by humans and eventually became an extinct species. Uchu-chan, Hachiman and Shinshu-chan, who all have the same personality as Shira-chan, promise that they will protect her so that no humans would attack her.

When Shira-chan goes out, she meets the cat from the North Pole, who tells her that she is the heir to the world's true ruler, which she becomes after the three cats protect her from the evil magician. When the magician, who is revealed to be Shira's grandfather, finally appears, Shira-chan and her friends battle agnst him. After the magician's defeat, Shira-chan and her friends return to their castle, but the other cats warn them that a new evil will appear, and that they must leave their castle and start to wander around the world to protect the cat-girls. So, the cats travel around the world, protecting cat-girls, while Shira-chan takes her own quest to defeat the evil magician and become the new ruler.


The story follows Shira's adventures, and the other cats follow her on her quest.

Shira: The leader of the group of cats. She is a pure-hearted, gentle and caring girl. Her appearance is that of a white cat, but she has purple eyes. She is named Shira after Shira-chan.

Uchu-chan: One of the three cats. He is a good-natured, jocular cat with a very cheerful personality. His appearance is that of a white cat, but he has blue eyes. He is the leader of the group of cats, and also the youngest, because Shira-chan is younger than him.

Hachiman: The second cat of the group. He is the oldest, but he's calm and has a calm, wise and gentle personality. His appearance is that of a white cat, but he has black eyes.

Shinshu-chan: The last of the group of cats. She is an observant cat with a sharp intellect, a gentle personality and a very sweet appearance. She is the eldest cat of the group, but she also seems to be the smartest, as she understands the feelings of the other cats very well. She's the only one of the cats who has short hr. She also speaks English.



Hiroaki Samura

The story of the anthology manga, first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1993 to April 1994, is written and drawn by Hiroaki Samura, who also did the art direction. Samura had done various illustrations for Jump magazines, and had a few stories published in the magazine. Because of this, Samura had become known by the editors of Weekly Shōnen Jump as a person who could do the art in a very good way, and after Samura worked on the manga story called, which was published in Jump in 1988, the editors had wanted him to do the art for their anthology manga. Samura was also interested in manga since he had started reading them at a young age. In the interview he sd, "For me, it was like a game to read manga, because it had pictures on the pages. There were pictures on the pages, and I liked this aspect. There were more people who were interested in manga after that, and the popularity of manga has grown since then." For The world ruled by cats, the artist told his assistant to write a plot and to give him a free hand.

The plot for the anthology was not the first Samura had created. In 1989 he created the story called, which was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 1989 to December 1989. This story follows a group of cats who fight agnst a group of evil cats who want to take over the world. Because of this, Samura thought that he could make an anthology from this story, so he submitted it to Weekly Shōnen Jump, which they agreed to publish the manga. Since the story for The world ruled by cats was created during the time when the Japanese economy was in a recession, the editor of the magazine felt that it was a great idea to have an anthology of manga that was not related to the current trends of society, as he sd in the interview. In the interview Samura sd, "When I was working on the anthology, I thought that I was doing something different, something that I wanted to do. I was just writing about cats and doing whatever I wanted."

Samura created the characters in the story in the same way that he created the characters in the story, with the exception of the character named, which he created in a different way. He created the character of the world ruled by cats in a way that he would not make it a character that has a meaning for life, but just a cat character. To create the character, he thought about a cat-girl, because he liked cats and he liked manga that had cats as the mn characters. After that, he added some

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