I don t cry when my dog runs away

I don t cry when my dog runs away

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I don t cry when my dog runs away but I ll feel bad for her for the rest of the day because she isn t there to comfort me, says Elizabeth L., a veterinarian in New York City.

When the animal is gone, he or she isn t there to pet or play with, says Elizabeth.

Many pet owners think of the loss of their dog as a momentary event, and often are more upset over the fact that they have to take their new dog out in public and try to be polite, rather than realizing they ll never see their animal again, says Elizabeth.

One dog owner, who s not named in this article because of privacy reasons, recalls her last dog, who died suddenly of a heart problem. When she went to retrieve a few of his belongings, she was surprised to find a photo album with all her happy memories.

As time passes, it becomes easier to understand and deal with the loss of your animal, says Elizabeth.

However, even if you feel you can accept it, the death of your dog may affect your mood and cause you to feel sad or upset.

As we come closer to the time of the animal s passing, you may wish to take extra care of yourself so you don t get into physical or emotional trouble.

If you ll never get your pet back, remember that they still love you and will not forget you, says Elizabeth.

She explains that you ll be more prone to depression or anxiety, even if you thought you ll be over your sadness.

The next day, we woke up and we felt very sad. She was the only part of us that didn t feel well, says John B., an 18-year-old from North Carolina.

John s dog, a chocolate and white labrador retriever mix, had been diagnosed with cancer the day before.

When we arrived at the vet the next day, we were all crying, says John.

It s never a good time for a pet owner to lose a pet. Pets become a part of the family, says Elizabeth.

They have an effect on you, you can t live without them and you may start to cry as you come closer to their passing.

Pet owners should be prepared for some of the following emotions, which are the normal reactions to the loss of a pet, says Elizabeth.

You ll be sad. It s not that you don t love your pet any more, it s just that the animal is gone.

Even though it might sound cruel to the people who love your pet, they ll feel more upset because they want the pet back, says Elizabeth.

Your life will never be the same again.

They become more important than you or your other animals.

Your pet is going to live in your heart. They become part of your life.

You will think about your pet s happiness every day.

You ll be more considerate when your pet needs something. You ll make more time to spend with them.

You ll make more time to help others.

Your pet will be in your dreams. You ll think about them at night.

If you re going to cry about the death of your pet, please don t do it when others are around, because you ll make them feel bad, says Elizabeth.

You ll make yourself and them feel sadder and more upset because they can t say anything.

You don t have to get over this loss right away, says Elizabeth.

It takes time.

Remember that your friends and family don t always understand your loss.

They re only seeing the sadness, but they don t know the pain. You ll need some time to grieve.

People may offer you support, but that will make you feel even worse.

They don t know what you ll be feeling.

Your loss is very real and will affect you for the rest of your life.

You should take your time with it and get to know your pet better.

Do something you ll enjoy, like go to a movie or play with a friend.

Try to enjoy life because it isn t easy.

You ll need to accept the death of your pet and think about the good memories you ll have of them.

You may feel guilt because you can t remember everything you did for your pet, but the pet can t tell you what you did for them.

You may feel guilty because you have someone who needs your care. You ll need to take good care of yourself.

You ll need to spend time with friends and family.

You should go out and be social but try to take it easy, especially the first few weeks.

You need to get your sleep because you re grieving.

You ll be depressed and may become suicidal.

You don t want to live. You have to find some way to help yourself.

This article was written by the Petful team and edited by Tara Brown.

The loss of a loved pet is something that we know many people face, but not many realize how they are affected by it. As we get closer to the time of our pet s passing, we may start to feel sad or upset,


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