Can ferrets eat cat food

Can ferrets eat cat food

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Can ferrets eat cat food?


Ferrets, whether domestic or wild, are not obligate carnivores. That means that they will only eat meat from other animals, mostly rodents. They will not eat, nor can they digest, any non-meat substance.

They are still carnivores but prefer meat as their first course rather than plants.

The short answer is that most domestic ferrets will have no problems with eating cat food.


I'm a human, not a vet but this article explains it well and gives an idea of how it's probably safe for cats and ferrets:

Ferrets Are Not Obligate Carnivores

Ferrets are true carnivores and should only be fed a diet composed of

meat. Since they are omnivores, they have the ability to eat both

meat and vegetable matter, however, they prefer to eat meat. Unlike

dogs, which are obligate carnivores that must be fed meat, ferrets can

safely eat meat that has been ground or cut.

It appears this is a pretty good resource for animal-food research and I've not been able to find any that would say "yes, you can feed cat food to a ferret", but not necessarily a better resource.



They have the ability to eat both animal and plant food. I would never feed it to my cats.

As for it being a high fat diet, cats are very sensitive to fats. When they are fed high fat diets, they will gain weight and become obese.

I will caution you to feed them a diet free of salt. Too much salt will cause a kidney problem.

They should eat dry, moist, or raw meat (no bones). They don't need cooked meat.

They don't need fat for growth. If they are overweight, they are eating too much food.


You may like my answer to this question:

Can cats eat cat food?

Yes, in moderation.



My cat loves fish and dog food (well, I'm not certain what type of fish) and I was concerned about this when I noticed the ferret was eating the same thing.

But it's not a bad thing. As long as they're eating a mix of "meat" and vegetables and there's nothing in it that they might choke on, you should be fine.

The only thing I can add is to only give small amounts of the kibble. I don't mind my cats eating a little "bacon" from time to time (in a little omelet in the morning), but if I let them eat it all day, they get fat.

Also, we gave him/her some dried salmon. (I have a friend who used to have a ferret that loved it. I bought a pack of 2 cans of that for them.)

My mother's cat got pregnant once, and had a terrible litter, which she blamed on the food. But when I brought her fresh food, it was fine. She just needed better nutrition.

The baby was almost as hungry as the mother was, so she may have liked the baby's food. But I don't think that was the only reason.

My cats (7 now) are eating pretty well. There are no special foods for them, but the occasional fish product (not all the time), dry fish, canned beef, and some fruits. (And they are very sensitive to certain foods - they are pretty much allergic to rice or chicken.) They can eat raw vegetables.

My dogs have a healthy diet. They are given some canned, but not too much. And they don't like beef, so they mostly eat chicken. They are also very sensitive to rice.

I just saw a suggestion that your cats could have something similar to the ferrets in their diet, which I like, as the ferrets were not in a good state when they came to me. I hope you won't try to add anything like that to their diet. They like their food, and they are healthy. Your ferrets have to be fed better now than they were when they came to you.

I have a cat who eats

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