Is my cat too skinny

Is my cat too skinny

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Is my cat too skinny?

The other day I was looking at my cat, and noticed that he wasn’t eating much. I’m not exactly sure what he eats, but he’s very thin. I don’t know what to think of it because he’s been healthy all his life.

He’s not eating any kibble either, so that’s not it. He likes wet food and treats, and I have always kept him on a low-cal diet. But his coat has always been long and thick, so I don’t know what could be causing this. It’s only recently that it has gotten thin.

We got a new baby last month, and I’ve been feeding him more than usual and haven’t noticed this. He’s definitely a bit thinner, but I know he likes being fed more often. My older cat, on the other hand, loves the extra attention. My mom and I are concerned about the difference, and she thinks we should switch my older cat to kibble or a canned diet. She’s concerned that it’s a sign of illness.

I’m afrd I’m going to start feeding him different types of food, when I’m not really sure what’s causing this. I know some cats can get too thin too quickly and have to be treated by a vet, so I’m not concerned about that.

I just don’t know what to think. Do you think we’re being too paranoid? Any advice would be helpful!

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It sounds like you are being overprotective, but I don’t think that is the only thing going on. My cat had similar issues, and after having a few weeks of being on a “feline diet,” she started eating agn. I’m going to assume this means it was a reaction to a change in diet and not a health concern.

This is something to be concerned about, though. The only diet I have ever had to force my cats on is canned, as they have had allergies. They are pretty picky eaters. I have found that they have a higher food intake if they are in an environment they are more used to. You are feeding him more than you are accustomed to, and that could be stressing them out more than usual. If

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