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Another word for cat

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Another word for cat: pajama.

Pajama Clubhouse: A place you go to watch TV, drink coffee and eat microwave burritos.

P : Parental Advisory Issued.

Pair of pants: What we call our underwear.

Party pooper: Someone who is not enjoying themselves at a party.

Pavement: The ground between my apartment and the bus stop.

Peace of mind: How I pretend I don't get the flu or anything else that keeps me from working.

Petri dish: A glass plate with a thin film of bacterial growth on top.

PH: Parents Having A Nightmare.

Pick-up game: An informal term for hockey, where each team takes turns at each other, like tag.

Played: If you are out there, you're playing.

Play for keeps: To play your last card.

Playing for time: Trying to stall, get the better of your opponent.

Player agent: You, but for hockey.

Picking up stitches: The time it takes to remove the stitches from the wound after it's been sutured.

Pillowcase: The pillowcase I use to wipe my doorknob with.

Pinky ring: A ring with the pinky finger.

Ping: If I get pinged by an opposing player during a face-off, it means they hit me in the mouth or punched me in the face.

Place-kicker: The guy who makes goal-line stands and lines up for onside kicks.

Placekicking: When I line up for a kick from anywhere on the field.

Plays: The play that's called, when you can get up and get to the next spot.

Point-blank range: In hockey, the area where the players are so close to the boards, the puck gets there, if you'll pardon the pun.

Pointing: If an official points at the puck, it means it got there in a legal fashion.

Poke: If an official gives you a quick tap on the hip, it means you were on your skates.

Pool cue: The stick you use to play the pool.

Puck: A hard sphere, usually made of vulcanized rubber, that is used for various sports, but is mostly associated with hockey.

Puck-drop: To get a puck through the mesh goal posts.

Punching: When a goalie punches the ball with his hands.

Pulling up stakes: Moving away from your position at the end of a shift.

Putting a new pin in a horseshoe: If a coach puts a new pin in a new horseshoe, it means the player had a career game, and the coach is happy.

Quality start: The hockey equivalent of a quality start in baseball.

Receiver: In football, a receiver is the player who catches the ball.

Rebound: If the puck hits the backboard and bounces back into the net, it's a goal.

Retrieving: If a goalie grabs the puck, it's a giveaway.

Reverse angle: A term used in hockey to denote that the goalie is not expecting the puck to hit the backboard.

Right-pointing: If a coach points the right arm, it means the player is skating correctly.

Shot: A hockey term meaning that the ball is loose in the air.

Slot: In basketball, the area in the front of the backboard.

Stick-swap: When a player takes his stick away from his partner and then immediately puts it on the other player.

Swiveling: If a goalie takes a shot on goal, he's swiveling.

Tandem: When two players skate in line, one on each side of the other.

Transition: When a player skates from defense to offense, he's in transition.

Transplant: The hockey version of an "old blood" in football.

Trip: A fall.

Trek: If you see your teammate in the neutral zone with the puck, he's treking.

Trade off: If a player's job is to get in front of the net and block shots, the coach is saying, "Trade off!" to that player.

Treat: When a hockey coach has a patient on the bench, he's treating him.

Trip: If you fall down, you are tripped.

Turnaround: If you lose your balance and go backwards instead of forwards, you are turned around.

Twerks: Hockey slang for the dance moves hip-hop group N.W.A. popularized.


Unbuckle: When you take your helmet off.

Unfair: A goal scored against an opponent when the other team commits an offense against you.

Up and out: A great goal, but not an all-around goal.


Van: The equipment the team car has in which they make the team's bus runs.

Van: A member of a hockey family.

Volleyball: The goalie stands far back behind the net, but he or she's still responsible for stopping any puck that gets into the goal crease.

Voter: If a player in the penalty box is called back to play, his teammates have voted him back into the game, so the goalies will give him a little help.


Wardrobe: The team's dressing room.

Wear and Tear: A play in which a player wears out, as in his skates are worn down, the paint on his stick is worn down, or he gets frustrated and wears himself down.

Wet: A puck covered with water or water that has frozen over and formed on the ice.

Wind: A small puff of air that comes up on the ice when you make a move. If the puck goes to a new spot, a "wind" is left behind.

Windup: A set of skating patterns designed to tire a player out.

Win: A game where you beat the other team.

Winning: A game in which you get more points than the other team.

Wipe: A play when a forward jumps high and the puck goes up in the air. The defenseman on the ice tries to deflect it with his stick, or another defenseman tries to put it on the opposing forward's stick.

Winter Classic: A game in which both teams are in a hockey rink all year, and then in the middle of the rink, the ice is cut and they play a game in the middle.

Witless: The referee gives an official power play to an offending team. The power is called after two minutes of non-enforcement of the rules.


Yard: A penalty box.

Year-end, Year-in-Review: A year-end post on the Forum web site where people can post stories, pictures, and video clips. It's kind of like Sports Illustrated, only about hockey.



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