My dog doesn t want to eat

My dog doesn t want to eat

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My dog doesn t want to eat or poop it has been like this for about a week but the vet and my vet says that she does not have cancer they sd her stomach was inflamed and had to have her spayed she will be two years old on the 25th the vets sd that she had to have the operation when she was about six months old they sd that she needed the operation because she was going to go into surgery on her ovaries and would have no chance of having puppies my dog is a cocker spaniel and she has only had one litter she was spayed four months before and the litter was about a month ago i think that my dog was being punished for being a bitch is there any other reason why she is not eating or pooping and when she poops it does not smell it has a strange smell to it i will take any help or advice on this matter thanks

This sounds like the dog had a stomach tuff (or inflammation, it can happen with certn breeds) and needed to have its spleen removed. This may or may not have led to the weight loss and the diarrhea. The vet should be able to give you more detl about the cause, if that is an issue you have.

My dog has not pooped in about three weeks and is not eating a whole lot. I dont know what to do and would really appreciate some advice. I do not know what it could be. She has been to the vet but they dont have a diagnosis they sd its a spleen thing but when I ask her what it was they tell me she had a belly tuff so when I get an update I will post here. She has always been a good dog. She is about three and has always been healthy and had a good coat. She used to eat really well and was a little hyper but she is still very excited to play. My wife thinks it could be a cancer or that her stomach has fled due to old age but I know this is rare.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I just called the vet and they sd that this is very rare but it could be something serious. My question is do you know what you might call this? I have never heard of it, but then agn the vet sd its rare. Is there any place that can tell you what this is called?

This is usually referred to as a splenectomy. I would start to research how a splenectomy is done and find a local vet who does this type of surgery. If the surgery is successful, the animal should have normal health soon. If the surgery is unsuccessful, the problems will be exacerbated. This is an old condition that may or may not be related to your dog's current condition.

My dog is five years old and has always been healthy. He has had an upset stomach every once in a while but nothing ever lasting. This started about three days ago, he is not eating and I cannot tell if he is running a fever or not. He has vomited, has run in circles and has had diarrhea. I am trying to get in touch with the vet but it is a Saturday and I have been trying to leave him overnight at the vet. We did take him in this morning to try to get some fluids. They found nothing. I am not sure if he is having a bleed or just diarrhea. We went to a vet yesterday and did find that he had an upset stomach but nothing new since. What should I do?

It sounds like you dog has anemia. That means that the dog's body is not making the red blood cells they need to survive. The blood will be colorless and there is no red blood cell count that can be done. It would be good to have his iron and vitamin levels tested and an anemic dog should be treated with oral iron supplements. See your vet for an anemic dog.

My cat, 3 years old, was a little dehydrated and a little thinner than usual.

She is eating agn, but not like normal. She is walking slowly, and seems exhausted. Could she be suffering from a disease or something?

I do not have any ideas why your cat would be walking slowly. If you think she might be ill and cannot eat, you should have her checked out by a vet, it may not be a problem with a disease but if you are worried you may be able to tell the vet.

my baby has always been healthy and has been very healthy in fact she loves to run and jump and she doesn't even seem to get tired. But recently she started having bad episodes with her heart. I have called a vet and they told me it is normal and that i need to take her in. We usually walk our dog and we don't want to stop now.

Hi there,

The first thing that strikes me in these symptoms is the amount of weight she has lost. Any dog this age and of this size should be in pretty good shape. It should never occur to you that your dog may be sick.

Please have your vet check her out.

It's hard to pinpoint the cause, but there are several things you can do to help her:

1) Get her to drink more water.

2) Let her eat the food you are feeding her now.

3) Give her a higher energy food like chicken, turkey or beef.

4) Start a supplement program to boost her immune system.

5) Do some trning to keep her active.

This is what i've been told and I have to run an errand. Now the house is clean. That's my new goal.

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