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Most Popular Breeds vs. Best in Show

Most Popular Breeds vs. Best in Show

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Is there any correlation between what is the "Best in Show" and maybe… most popular Breeds in America?

The answer is no. Let' s take a look at the registration numbers from a large kennel club and compare that to dog show winners. The American Kennel Club which was established in 1884 and includes 151 breeds. It is the largest dog club group in the United States. The Westminster dog show was established in 1877 yields a yearly "Best in Show". Over 160 breeds can participate in the 2500 registration openings. Let's compare the registration numbers with the "Best of Show Winners".

Does the promotion of being "Best in Show" may a dog Popular? Lets see…

1. Labrador retrievers - has never won at Westminster
2. Golden retrievers - has never won at Westminster
3. Beagles - has never won at Westminster
4. German shepherds won once in 1987
5. Dachshunds - has never won at Westminster
6. Yorkshire terriers Won once in 1987
7. Boxers The boxer has won 4 times at Westminster - in 1947, 1949, 1951 and 1970
8. Poodles The miniature poodle has won 4 times (1943, 1059 and 2002) and the toy poodle has won twice (1956 and 1961)
9. Shih Tzus - has never won at Westminster
10. Chihuahuas - has never won at Westminster

There seems to be almost no correlation. The dogs that are most common or "popular" have nothing to do with who wins at the shows.


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