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Tip on Dangers of Liquid Potpourri

Tip on Dangers of Liquid Potpourri

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Liquid potpourri is a common household item that is used with a simmer pot to release fragrances to infuse homes. They are especially common in pet-loving homes to help mask smells.

Liquid potpourri is extremely caustic to cats. It contains essential oils and detergents that are caustic and toxic. Cats are exposed by either rubbing against it or knocking it over and getting it on their fur from which they groom. Some cats will actually lick at it and eat it, as it is sweet smelling and warm.

The potpourri is extremely irritation to the mouth, gums, tongue, esophagus and intestinal tract. It can cause severe ulcers, swelling, and pain. Some pets will refuse to eat after exposure requiring a feeding tube.

If you use liquid potpourri - make sure your cat has NO exposure to it. Or to be even safer, use plug in devises that create a scent to minimize your cat's risk.


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