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What color of toys do dogs see best?

What color of toys do dogs see best?

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Doctor - What color of toys do dogs see best? I am looking to buy a disc (Frisbee for dogs) and want to know which color she would see best.

Kimberly Burk


Hi - thanks for your email. You wrote asking what color of toys do dogs see best? That is an excellent question. Dogs have no good biological reason to identify different colors. Though they can distinguish between certain colors, their color vision is limited and the colors may appear muted to them. Dogs see more clearly than humans do in dim light. This allows for increased movement definition of prey animals.

Although their ability to see detail is limited, they are quite exquisitely sensitive to movement, and are able to pick up even very slight movement of hiding prey. A stationary object may not be noticed from a distance, but the dog will see it as soon as it makes a move.

Probably bright colors would be best. Light and bright - something that contrasts well with the environment. One with strips or a design may also give the Frisbee a more robust sense of motion and may be better seen.

Best of luck!


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